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Nano-tips Extensions



3 Bags - $360


6 Bags- $650



3 Bags - $450


6 Bags - $850

Screenshot 2024-04-09 211210.png

Install Pricing

Nano-tips only last 5-7 months


3 Bags

$200 fresh install

$150 removal/reinstall

6 Bags

$275 fresh install

$225 removal/reinstall

Nano-tips beads are removed and replaced every adjustment. They cannot have heat put on them at the base or they will melt. 

3 bags is for thickness (sometimes a little length

6 bags is for thickness and length

Extensions are a commonly misunderstood hair enhancement. They get a bad reputation of causing damage to the hair when truthfully it's the lack of care at home that causes the damage. 

The maintenance extensions require isn't any more than what you should already be doing for your hair. 

Good hair brush

We suggest Olivia Gardens detangling brush

Good heat protectant

Our #1 is Brazilian Blowout Smoothing serum

Good shampoo and conditioner

Any Professional brand!

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